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The Research on Soccer Doesn’t Lie

September 17, 2019 submit 0

According to the website Science Daily, there is a study that has shown the incredible benefits of playing soccer.  Perhaps after you hear the results of the study, you will feel inspired to go buy some new soccer shoes and hit the local soccer field.  The study spanned across 7 countries [READ MORE]

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Sir Alex Ferguson:A Brief Biography

June 12, 2019 submit 0

In the world of soccer, there are several powerhouse teams that dominate. In this article, I will discuss one of those franchises and its coach. I’m talking about Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. While he may not be well-known here in the United States, this man is a legend in England [READ MORE]

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Top 5 Football Stadiums In England

May 10, 2019 submit 0

We all know of the brilliant football available in England. But which stadiums are the best? For this top 10 list of best football stadiums in England, stadium capacity was used. Capacity may not make a stadium good, but for simple measures, let’s assume that a higher stadium capacity equals [READ MORE]

Testing your fitness levels for soccer

April 20, 2019 submit 0

Soccer players are complete athletes. To maintain peak performance throughout an entire 90-minute game, soccer players work on every aspect of their physical capacity. The training covers endurance, speed, agility, strength, and flexibility. Here is a quick look at some of the targets for each aspect of fitness: Endurance The [READ MORE]

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Why Liverpool Should Be Taken Seriously

December 12, 2017 submit 0

Liverpool have been made slight favorites to be top of the Premier League table for Christmas Day. If they beat a Cardiff side that could be minus a manager on Saturday and Arsenal do not beat Chelsea, they will reach the peak of the Premier League table and make Christmas [READ MORE]